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What our clients are saying

We’ve had no regrets with making the switch and are very happy with the technological upgrade, happy that we can provide security and peace of mind to our guests, and have incredible protection against chargebacks and hacker takeovers. The level of communication, attention to detail, knowledge, and one on one service has far exceeded our expectations and is outstanding.

James Clark,
Director of Operations, Mosquito Café

I’ve owned and operated restaurants for more than 40 years and have watched credit card revenues go from 20% to over 95% of our total sales. It becomes a vital decision on who you trust with this part of your operation. We have been processing with Paide for the last two years. Paide has been the most competitive processor we have used. We appreciate their accuracy, transparency, and service.

Phillip Torres,
President, Casual Dining Inc.

It’s rare to find a merchant processor that you can actually rely on and trust, so working with Paide has been a big help to my company. They know my industry, understand my headaches, and take care of business.

Benjamin Berg,
Founder & CEO, Berg Hospitality Group